Osoyoos Three Day Event
And Horse Trials
Osoyoos, BC
May 19 - 21, 2001

Updated June 14, 2001

Chelan Kozak on Duchess Of Clayburn

Samantha Taylor and Soweto

Pl. Rider Country Horse
1 Lynne Larsen CAN Troubador


Intermediate Horse Trials
Pl. Rider Horse
1 Jessica Heidemann French Twist
2 Therese Washtock Kasheral
3 Taegan Lillies CS Cappuccino
4 Shandiss Wewiora Remington Chase
5 Anne Brenchley Great Expectations
6 Rachel Brickman Canterbury Tales
7 Marissa Mccaffery Excelsior
8 Leahona Rowland Upolu


Pl. Rider Country Horse
1 Meggie Elledge USA Seven's Up
2 Robyn Mortimer CAN Extraordinaire
3 Shea Carpenter USA Fritz
4 Candy Hart USA Tequila
5 Shannon Higgins CAN Seventh Moment
6 Kevin Baumgardner USA Idaho Freezeout


Preliminary Horse Trials
Pl. Rider Horse
1 Darcie Kerkhoven Dodge
2 Lindsey Cox Nautical Ridge
3 Margot Carter Leroy Brown
4 Tabitha Lee Wilde Child
5 Samantha Taylor Soweto
6 Glynis Schultz Ngapuhi
7 Katie Frost Improvise
8 Scott Vanjoff Street Wise


Training "A"
Pl. Rider Horse
1 Chelan Kozak Duchess Of Clayburn
2 Alice Mckennis Wee Willie Winkle
3 Nadia Formigoni Chipmunk
4 Shannon Thompson Zingeroo
5 Allison Byron Scotch Chocolate
6 Ceri Merrett Dawn's Earl
7 Heather Bogdan Halynalka
8 Alicia Waters Cherry Bomb


Training "B"
Pl. Rider Horse


Leila Lucas Pride


Lynn Thorburn Limerick


Laura Ferguson Miss Conception


Julia Mackay Benson


Dana Cooke Shilo


Shannon Van Biert Limited Edition
7 Stacey Thorson Black Jack Justice
8 Lori Jenks Dharma Bean


Pre-Training "A"
Pl. Rider Horse
1 Claire Roper Royal Holly
2 Lori Briscoe T.W. Buster Bob
3 Gerda Glaser Hypona Corinth
4 Connie Wells Perequito
5 Susan Albrecht Summer
6 Jacki Miller Technicolor Dreams
7 Sarah Cole Fire Fox
8 Rebecca Holmberg Mystery Man


Pre-Training "B"
Pl. Rider Horse
1 Kerry Unrau Brynarian Bacardi
2 Lori Rhodes Runaway Jury
3 Nicole Amos Holy Smoke
4 Jordan McDonald Abbey Road
5 Philippa Bate Kinsale
6 Nicole Heuss Waratah
7 Kelsey Ramage Lord's Fortune
8 Darcie Kerkhoven Feier

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