Kentucky Classic Horse Trials
Lexington, KY
September 3 - 5, 1999


Novice Horse A
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Troy Nick Larkin
2 Danny Boy Katie Leigh Mudd
3 Dee Dee's Intended Dana K. Widstrand
4 Simply Stated Beth Weisberger
5 O'Doul Bob Willnarth
6 Seamus Lanigan Billie Thon-Lanigan
Novice Horse B
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Lorelei Jackie Duke Beasley
2 Bonnie Robb Boo McDonald
3 Yukon Jack Amanda Bingley
4 Jet Ruth Ann Lowalski
5 D'Khaler Susan Moessner
6 Bailey Colleen Hershey
Novice Rider Jr.
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Joshua 1:9 Amanda Hatton
2 Lost My Sock Allaire Ryan
3 Chances Are Emily Ryan
4 Struck By Whitening Vance Frey
5 Sashes Lucy Lagrew
6 Cheslyn Lodge Kristeen Tice
Novice Rider Sr.
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Nuttin Shy Bout Me Lisa Corry Heider Eifler
2 Easy Spirit Alicia Watts
3 Betsy Sherry Hohn
4 All Wrapped Up Ann Silone
5 Mansfield Lesley M. Ranus
6 The Queen Bee Dianne Dawes-Torre
Open Novice
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Mistress Mouse Linda Wood
2 Carrickmore Susan Craddock
3 Apache Sara Hubbard
4 Runaway Devil Alison Premo
5 Sir Almanden Danielle Smith
6 Felicia Dorothy Palmer
Training Horse
Pl. Horse Rider
1 On The Beat Jim Graham
2 Gallileo Diana Rich
3 Red Chief Emma Thomas
4 Bitsy Julie Foley
5 Coast To Coast Jim Graham
6 On My Command Dean Graham
Training Rider Jr.
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Amotan East Wes Pearce
2 A2/C Riley Liz Dickes
3 C. Excalibur Ainsley P. Cook
4 Abbey Road Emily Cottingham
5 Archie Do Andrea Behling
6 Miss Old Timer Patricia Gambill
Training Rider Sr.
Pl. Horse Rider
1 High Hope Carrie Schemp
2 Pizazz Tim Connor
3 Bacall Emma Thomas
4 Remy Martin Randy Cohen
5 Colby Road Susan Hammonds
6 Echo Phil Thompson
Open Training
Pl. Horse Rider
1 B.B.Babauska Becky Rigsby
2 Fergus Susannah Link
3 Just Charlie Janice Holmes
4 Patrick Anne Jennings
5 Certified Deposit Jami Driskill
6 Maximum Black Clark Davis
YR Open Preliminary
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Box Car Willie Lyndsey Ghareeb
2 Chief Executive Officer Megan Moore
3 Touch The Sky Angi Goodwin
4 Formal Affair Rachel Henson
5 La La Paluza Blair King
6 The Great Gasper Leslie E. Baker
Open Preliminary
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Dig Deep Jennifer Dann
2 Guido Dean Graham
3 Silver Danzig Jody Scharping
4 Hoopoe Clark Davis
5 Dominga Lauren Cavallito
6 Blarney Belle Cathy Wieschhoff
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Crimson Ridge Jeffrey Taylor
2 Shammer Sandman Jane Beshear
3 The Happy Dutchman Holly Greer Wilson
4 George Jacob Carrie Shallcross
5 Sugarnotch Elizabeth Kane
6 Take A Chance Karen Hudson
Open Intermediate A
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Tenacity Allison Springer
2 Optical Illusion Henriette Borst
3 Stanford Doug McCann
4 Market Venture Meaghan Stamper
5 Chilli Chaser Katy Caldwell
6 Sir Patrick Susan Faulkner
Open Intermediate B
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Red Nick Larkin
2 Phase Two Victoria Frey
3 Tootie Frootie Henriette Borst
4 Southern Ridge Jeffrey Taylor
5 Early Win Anne Jennings
6 After Midnight Adam Helders

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