Glen Oro Horse Trials
Hawkestone, Ontario
September 25 - 26, 1999

Ann Morgan

Ontario Intermediate Champions
Ann Morgan & Lord Willow


Photo: Equestrian Sport Photography

Pre-Training YR
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Calypso Clay Chelsea Dell
2 Notorious Adam Stapley
3 Ladybug Morgan Marchant
4 Universal Soldier Sarah Gilchrist
5 Percy David Clare
6 Certified To Fly Amy Schuster
7 Jack Of Spades Lisa Tripp
8 Custom Colours Elizabeth Jackson


Pre-Training Senior
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Starlight Lindsay Mahon
2 Star M.H.Lessard
3 Solo Chance Heather Patterson
4 Valentino Moira Laframboise
5 R.S.V.P. Margaret Loughrey
6 Moon Shadow Chantal Coutu
7 Lost My Sock Michelle Cruikshanks
8 Out Of The Blue Adam Brown


Training YR
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Hoffman Emily Sculthorpe
2 Watch Out For Trix Sarah Graydon
3 Terra Cotta Juliane Shaw
4 Money Muncher Kelly Hyatt
5 Paint Me Gold Amanda Beard
6 Floating Dreams Cyndi Boughen
7 Round About Firstie Freitag
8 Man On A Mission Kirsti Dolson


Training Senior
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Jedi Ian Roberts
2 Malibu Ian Roberts
3 For Keeps Teresa Bush
4 McCloud Dick Bayly
5 World's Away Anita Nemtin-Gilmour
6 Landscape Ian Roberts
7 Blithe Hill Talares III Andrew Pocock
8 Future Gain Tracey Lawrence


Preliminary A
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Rose Jessica Ferguson
2 The Main Man Selena O'Hanlon
3 Snappy Lesley Grant King
4 Falkenfels Katie Evans
5 Volterra Jason Pascoe
6 Loxley Miriam Boutros
7 Swing Time Nicloe Parkin
8 Sweet Liberty Karyn Curtis


Preliminary B
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Mangold Stephanie St.Pierre
2 Dare To Compare Colleen Loach
3 Northern Kid Wendy Southam
4 Above The Clouds Garry Roque
5 Just Jericho Jason Pascoe
6 Artimus Melanie Horton
7 Lasair Jennifer Irwin
8 Classical Touch Suzy Pettman


Pl. Horse Rider
1 The Tracker Paul Delbrook
2 Leaps & Bounds Jennifer Carter
3 Amabile Ian Trail
4 Rideau Ridge Kyle Carter
5 A Criminal Mind Bob Holman
6 Psalm XXIII Paul Delbrook
7 Nansuk Katja Diehl
8 Viking Poco Bar Chantal Coutu


Advanced Intermediate
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Mazerati Karen Brain
2 Dynex Danae Stephens
3 Total Tab Michelle Carruthers
4 Strike A Pose Penny Rowland
5 Weide Ian Roberts


Ontario Intermediate Championships
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Lord Willow Ann Morgan
2 Ashdale Count Graeme Thom
3 Noble Page James Rudolph
4 Arrow Graeme Thom
5 Digby Peter Gray
6 Dream Shadow de Beaupre Eric Ferrier
7 Tokyo Pia Thomas
8 Phil Cool Jacqueline Naugler

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