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Strathgarney Autumn Horse Trials
Bonshaw, PEI
September 18, 2004


Training Division sponsored by Horse Trials PEI
1 Suzanne Stevenson Central Park
2 Erin Sloan Taylor Made
3 Inga Hansen Revalie
4 Arla Day Cajun
5 Laura Sloan Splash
Pretraining Division sponsored by Phillips Feed Service
1 Samantha Allen Irish Dream Time
2 Lisa MacGillivray Hi Time Klasiko
3 Pearl MacGregor Hasty Diamond Dare
4 Hillary Foster Smooth Move
5 Elisha Hill Mastreyas
Starter Division sponsored by Clarence Farm Services
1 Reba Stewart Mighty Impressive
2 Katelyn Murnaghan Dream Street
3 Melissa Pierce Buster Brown
4 Elisha Hill American Beauty
5 Katelyn Kennedy Two to Tango
Entry Division sponsored by Charlottetown Chiropractic Integrated Therapy
1 Daphne Harker Davey Red Admiral
2 Zoe Novazek Ryans Fancy
3 Sabrina Campbell Skippety Do Da
4 Theo Holownia Bud
5 Amanda Galey Savannah

Best Score Senior sponsored by Hi Time Tack: Suzanne Stevenson and Central Park

Best Score Junior sponsored by Walter Piccott Chev Olds Cadillac: Reba Stewart and Mighty Impressive

Longest Trip to the Horse Trial sponsored by Island Therapeutic Massage: Christine Taylor and Bearable

Youngest Rider sponsored by Hi Time Tack: Reba Stewart and Mighty Impressive

Oldest Rider sponsored by Hi Time Tack: Daphne Harker Davey and Red Admiral

Best Score Pony Club Member sponsored by Horse Trials PEI: Katelyn Murnaghan and Dream Street

Good Sport Award sponsored by Daphne Davey: Sammie Haley and Red Dee Set Skor


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