Myrddin Horse Trials
Georgetown, ON
October 3, 1999

Updated: October 19, 1999

Entry A
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Time For Play Kim Fisher
2 Kye Bill Stott
3 Jasper Andrea Beddington
4 "C" For Charlie Katharine Wright
5 Just A Legend Jessica Lankshear
6 Unforgetable Katrina Iglil
7 Ali Ari's Angel Stef Van Ditzhuyen
8 Summer Rain Shannon Gale
9 Worth Waiting For Susan Seymour
10 Dudley Do Right Bonnie Burlton
Entry B
Pl. Horse Rider
1 True Colours Jennifer Stewart
2 Dwen Jan Ancona
3 Charming Madame Sarah Davies
4 Decker Holly Peale
5 Paddington Alison Rush
6 Sweet Confession Paige Winton
7 Shoot The Moon Emily McIntyre
8 Let It Ride Anthea Antonio
9 Premium Bid David M. Reese
10 Annie Helene Hansmann
Entry C
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Sierra Caroline Godson
2 Magic Creation Chelsea Clark
3 Teddy Bear Natalie Coyle
4 Sultan's Prospect Judith Burney
5 Boot Scoot 'N' Boogie Georgia Tanner
6 Serendipity Michelle Somerville
7 Meadowlarke Gillian Toni
8 Audacious Sarah Cantrell
9 Come What May Jennifer Goard
10 My Girl Veda Tammy Harrison
Pre-Training Jr.
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Arabesque Sonia Nason
2 Wizard Petra Lewis
3 Cappucino Ashley Woolnough
4 Vahlark Andrea Taylor
5 Custom Colours Elizabeth Jackson
6 Nitoulin Taryn Sutton
7 True Colour Ashley Meagher
8 The Trojan Horse Lauren Thompson
9 Hercules Stephanie Witherspoon
10 Who's Who Heather Gruetzner
Pre-Training Sr.
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Newton Anita Nemtin-Gilmour
2 Skamp Edie Tarves
3 Winter Retreat Kyle Carter
4 Sirocco Marie Megens
5 Guinness Kathleen Head
6 Phoenix Stephanie St.Pierre
7 Dream Chaser Michelle Courtemanche
8 Full Tilt Andrea Hoppe
9 Manhattan Cathu McWilliams
10 Clever Detective Susan Carr
Training A
Pl. Horse Rider
1 World's Away Anita Nemtin-Gilmour
2 Man On A Mission Tiia Dolson
3 Jasmin Jennnifer Thompson
4 Draft Mission Catthy Ashby
5 El Cajero Shirley Waddell
6 Fabulous Fate Claus Zander
7 The Gunner Paul Cary
8 Monty Python Kelly Swanson
9 High Roller Kim Maxwell
Training B
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Cash Katherine Field
2 Nautical Ridge Kyle Carter
3 Darius Julie O'Connel
4 Tai Pan's Tango Barbara Downer
5 Don Diego Brett Jaggard
6 Donovan Catherine Gorrie
7 O'Reilly Mike St.Denis
Training Championships
Pl. Horse Rider
1 Watch Out For Trix Sarah Graydon
2 Whirlwind Heather McClinchey
3 For Keeps Teresa Bush
4 Piece Of The Puzzle Jennifer Zelmer
5 Roundabout Susan Hooper
6 Sorceress Anne Zander
7 Alistair Dick Bayly
8 Zauberstein Scott McAllister
9 Minuet Lindsay Pearce
10 Serendipity Corrie Hall

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