Equus 3D Horse Trials
Orangeville, ON
August 15, 1999

Entry A

1.	Dream Chaser		Michelle Courtemanche
2.	Molson Canadian		Kim Fisher
3.	No Sweat		Kate McDowell
4.	Kiss Me Kate		Addie Kerson
5.	Nicholas Nickelby	Janet Harris	
6.	Gideon's Red		Tessa Angus
7.	Red			Julian Baker
8.	Repeat Offender		Lisa Schieman

Entry B

1.	Three Quarters Angel	Olivia Wentworth Stanley
2.	Bright Idea		Alison Rusk
3.	Dazed 'n' Confused	Taryn Sutton
4.	Seattle Spring		Valeria Todd
5.	Cupcake			Stephanie Ferrante
6.	Wet Paint		Kate Chiswell
7.	Summer Rain		Shannon Gale
8.	Beau			Sherry McLean

Pre-Training A

1.	Nabask			Karen Barclay
2.	Classic Endeavour	Carolyn Pass
3.	Briartic Challenge	Katie Warren
4.	Westleigh		Vickie Klutt
5.	Donovan			Catherine Gorrie
6.	Brandy			Martha Newton
7.	Space Probe		Jennifer Mitchell
8.	Custom Colours		Elizabeth Jackson

Pre-Training B

1.	Hot Lips Houlihan	Emma Hicks
2.	Always A Mystic		Sean Adams
3.	Avenns Cayley Windsong	Ursula Selby
4.	Trail Blazer		Amanda Monkhouse
5.	Arabesque		Sonia Nason
6.	Diamond in the Rough	Katie Willoughby
7.	Flash Cat		Penny Rowland
8.	Merlot			Duncan Johnson

TSI Pre-Training Championships

1.	World's Away		Anita Nemtin-Gilmour
2.	Come What May		Trudy Atrens
3.	Newton			Anita Nemtin-Gilmour
4.	King Michael		Melodie Ceci
5.	Gabalena		Jessica Ruppel
6.	Man on a Mission	Kirsti Dolson
7.	Fabulous Fate		Claus Zander
8.	Full Tilt		Andrea Hoppe
9.	Lalique			Jane Mitchell
10.	Prestigous		Jennifer McGuire


1.	Bravado			Kelly Poland
2.	Hoffman			Emily Sculthorpe
3.	McCloud			Dick Bayley
4.	Zauberstein		Scott McAllister
5.	Here's My Heart		Chloe Garner
6.	Sorceress		Anne Zander
7.	Great Expectations	Maggie Turner
8.	Alibi Sport		Mandy Wilton


1.	Drummerboy		Caro Angus
2.	Above the Clouds	Garry Roque
3.	Airdrie Jones		Linda Ward Dragich
4.	Arista 			Penny Rowland
5.	Spy			Katie Willoughby
6.	Tully Mars		Joanne Macartney
7.	Falkenfels		Katie Evans
8.	Tara			Moira Laframboise

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