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Central Nova Horse Trials
Truro, NS
July 17, 2005


PT 80 (Pretraining 80) Junior
Rider Horse Pl.
Kelsey Harding Tuxedo 1
Laura Chiasson Riverdance 2
Alexandra Walling When In Rome 3
Bethany Smith Pixie Stixs & Lolly Pops 4
Kaitlyn Kennedy Two To Tango 5
Lily Grimbly Equinox 6
Laura Cosham Plantagenet Fortune 7
Kari Brown Maxi Million Cash 8
Samantha Sharpe La'harmony E
PT80 Senior
Rider Horse Pl.
Catherine Anne Morton Mountbatten 1
Kim Elliott-Foster Puttin' On The Ritz 2
Rose Marie Ali Duke Par Moore 3
PreTraining, Jr.
Rider Horse Pl.
Amanda Thompson Onyx 1
Carolyn MacDonald Just Do It 2
Caitlin Swinkels Nickelodeon 3
Kaleigh Brinkhurst Kodiak 4
Chelsea Thornton Expect Excellence 5
Maggie Broad Just By Chance 6
Laura Jacquard Free Spirit 7
Melissa Pierce Buster Brown 8
Breanne Embleton Island Dreamer 9
Reba Stewart Mighty Impressive Dun E
PreTraining, Sr.
Rider Horse Pl.
Kelly Gillespie Dakota 1
Ambre Tawil (Tweel) Trinity Navarre 2
Jessica Swinkels Fairly Uneek E
Alissa Cue After Hours E
Merrilee Yuill Dancing With Grace E
Rider Horse Pl.
Nicole MacHattie Ahab van Crabbet 1
Harma Germs Battle Times Boy 2
Jessica Best Morrison's Moondance 3
Hilary Foster Smooth Move 4
Anna-Christine Murray Sail on Lass 5
Laura Sloan Lanna's Hassle 6
Inga Hansen Revalie 7
Michelle Smith Key Day Na Uma 8
Erin Sloan Taylor Made 9
Kyna McGuire Bay Express 10
Zoe Erichsen-Meesters Gryphon Withdrew

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